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Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack - Ios & Android. Free Gold & Energy Generator

Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack and cheats for android and Ios is out now. This new & exciting game is striking popularity and this hack will help many players to enjoy even more. The owners of this game are Pokemon GO makers and there are many similarities between them. As in Pokemon GO , you are required to spoof for catching characters and other resources, so this is not intended for playing by sitting on home (however Fake GPS will do the trick here). There is Gold and energy which are used for battling and unlocking new stuff. So in order to get free gold we will present Harry Potter Wizards Unite generator . 

Game features

In this game as a young recruit you will have to defend the wizard world from invaders. You can choose different professions (classes) and later you will play according to this choice. In order to unlock new professions and other stuff however you will need lots of gold. There are online multiplayer battles, which will take place in fortress type locatios (opposing to gym in Pokemon GO. You will need magic portions in order to perform well in these battles. 

Harry potter Wizards unite fake gps

Due to the game requiring changing location for spoofing, this may be a limitation for those of us who are busy or cannot go out for hours in order to play. Fake GPS can be a solution in this problem. In order to imitate a fake location, you can install any VPN app on your mobile device and later swithc on "mock GPS" option in order to use imaginary location. However be carefull: when the device will suddenyl switch to usual location you may be banned for cheating (this will be a huge cheat detection sign). The fake GPS apps for this game are currently in procedure of development, and to be frank it is not so good idea to try it, as Niantic (game developers team) is suing a group of hackers who devised the cheat.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack Ios & android - Gold Generator

The hack for HPW Unite is currently available on both Ios and Android. With the help of this online generator you will be able to connect to the game servers and the system will perform everything by itself so the gold can be injected into your account. All you require is a stable network connection. The next video explains the process very clearly. 

















Overall, we can say that the game is pretty new and the system is still not so solid, so the hacking possibilites for now are quite many, but there is a constant fight between the hackers and game developers, as soon as hackers find the vulnerable patches developers try to fix it as soon as possible. So in order to not be late, you need to use Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack , as soon as possible !