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Why do rats appear in my house

   Why do rats appear in our  houses? the answer is simple: rats love chaos and chaotic conditions. If you do not clean your house at east 2 times a week, and have general antisanitary: bread crumbles on the ground, food crumbles and remain - expect rats to come. Rats are active throughout the full year, especially in the winter times. They are mainly active in the night times. How can we prevent the rat infestation ? Well in order to surround yourself from this unpleasant guests, you have to take measurements beforehand. First of all install rat reppellents - these are sources that generate ultrasound harmless to people but which is terrorizing rats nervous system, ultrasound deteriorate rats bodies and doesnt let them to do their usual things. Consequently rats will need to leave your house and run to other places. But if you have very resistant rats, there are no other measurements but to kill them, yes , for this purpose rat poisons and rat traps are ideal. This is 100% solution of rat infestation. You can spread the poison wherever you observe rodent activity and install traps all over the rat & mice locations in your house. After a week you will find many dead bodies , although bad smell will be a problem for you ... but isnt it the smell of victory ? Yet, you can also call Rat extermination srvice , which will solve this in 1 day. According to the latest info you can find on internet,  best rat poison can solve this task.


What other measurements to take.?

Wel as we said before, rats love chaotic conditions without order, they are feeling pretty comfortable in such environment. In widlife, there is not enough food, and rats need to hunt for food, in order to survive. However , living next to people, they are guaranteed food everyday. Especially if the conditions are conducive. So , in order to make rodent's lives tougher, you need to bring order to your house, and make several cleanings and other measurments each month. First of all you need to cement all the rat cradles, second - you need to clean all the food remains on the ground. And the lst ones, you may need a cat. Cats love to hunt rats, though some cats may be afraid of rats themselves. SO it is also important to choose a brave cat, when choosing. Weak and small cats will not be able to manage the rat and mice problem.













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